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tv   Headline News  RT  June 8, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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i am i am. president obama defends a recently revealed mass surveillance program that monitors almost every aspect of people's internet and certain activities saying security goals justify an invasion of privacy. a love hate relationship with the u.s. is said to chris china will suspect as hackers attacks as america's shaky recovery is increasingly dependent on chinese investment. and the lads' mags in the u.k. may soon be going under the shelves as for minutes groups descend upon the industry to happen removed from the high street shops.
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wherever you're watching us from around the world of this is already it's good to have your company with us i'm to almost say live from moscow headquarters. president obama has defended his administration's a sweeping surveillance program in response to reports revealing the unprecedented scale of spying on americans of phone and internet activity the u.s. leaders said the in crunch meant on people's privacy was modest and necessary for the country's security his remarks however led to some congress members accusing him of retraining the values you once advocated and associates have been reports from the u.s. . and a massive leak on the extent of surveillance on hundreds of millions of people dubbed breathtaking by civil rights groups and outraged americans more revelations on what exactly u.s. officials have been popping into the light america's national security agency has been using three of the biggest u.s. telecom companies verizon a.t.m. t.
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and sprint to monitor all phone calls made by subscribers now combined keep in mind these three companies have a staggering almost three hundred million customers and the spying is reportedly done regardless of whether or not there is reason to suspect subscribers of any criminal activity and this is of course shocking this includes all of the phone calls being. as well as between the u.s. and foreign countries making really the scope of this tracking system even wider than american territory and of course this all comes at a time after the obama administration acknowledged the existence of an n.s.a. and f.b.i. program dubbed prism in a nutshell this program what it entails is nine major internet companies that include google facebook yahoo microsoft skype you tube apple a.o.l. and pal talk have been used by u.s. officials to monitor photos videos e-mails and audio and all other sorts of information tracking a really sweeping scope of individual's online activity and the n.s.a.
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is of course you know traditionally understood to gather foreign intelligence so the tracking of hundreds of millions of americans online accounts on u.s. territory through american companies is certainly a pugil revolution to put it mildly but because of the popularity of these web companies such as google and facebook for instance it's absolutely obvious that communication spied upon does not just include americans and overall just staggering all consuming monitoring of personal data that is a major eye opening example of what obama's administration has been up to we have heard comments from europe mainly germany for example about the need to clarify the scope of this u.s. program law questions are also being asked about the extent of the knowledge of the british government in terms of what kind of knowledge it had on the surveillance activity and how it might have cooperated and dealt with the u.s. on this as well and it's important to note that online freedom fighting group anonymous has leaked a total of thirteen documents curiously one of them the u.s. department of defense so-called strategic vision for controlling the internet and on an intelligence sharing network which shares data with partners around the world
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and obama's comments on this major scandal have also been pretty curious basically the u.s. president in a nutshell says that absolute security cannot walk hand in hand with privacy and lack of inconvenience and you know putting aside the claim of absolute security in the u.s. certainly something that has reason to be widely questioned this seems to be a statement comply. we opposing a belief voiced by our founding father benjamin franklin that those willing to give up liberty for some safety don't deserve either one but apparently the roots of the american history that the country prides itself in now irrelevant as obama's administration tries to wash off the amount of dirt released under a leader who swore by transparency as well as present of u.s. practices of democracy to the rest of the world as absolutely stellar well this is not the first time the national security agency has come under fire for methods infringing people's rights was very to all human being who works for the agency for thirty years and helped expose some of its practices he told us of the sweeping
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nature of the program can in fact to make insurance security more difficult to direct violation of the constitution always has been that's why i left in a say in two thousand and one they started to do this in fact it is it has more more of a problem because what that means quite simply is if you go into a larger database you get more data back to matter what the query is is like making a query with google if you go in with a google querrey you can get tens of thousands or hundreds of driver even a million returns where there's no way you can go through that all of that to see what what you're really interested in so what that does is a complicated no way makes them really less proficient at doing their jobs well all that's being borne by the taxpayer the u.s. government is likely to open a criminal investigation into the leak that revealed the scope of the surveillance operation to british and american newspapers paul rozin back to the author of the
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freemans perspective newsletter things of this why this bombshell most americans are still in denial over the state of things. the problem with the people in the u.s. right now is that they are not emotionally prepared to deal with the possibility of an electronic police state it's just something that they've never that something that happened in east germany something that happened in china but they never think such a thing is possible in america and it's a good question over how many people will just find a reason to pass it off there was terrorism one hundred years ago there was terrorism thirty years ago these organizations spent billions before nine eleven they spent billions before the seven seventh's bombings they spent additional billions before the boss boston bombings and they occurred just the same there's going to be terrorism one hundred years from now too so it's a fallacious trade the sale give us out give us all of your privacy and we'll give you security they haven't done it may can't. as always we're interested in your
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take on the issue you can very much an online poll to let us know how you think u.s. citizens will react to the mass a surveillance or revelations let's take a look at what you've been saying a safe side now sixty percent of you think that the government surveillance was no secret full most americans that is that's a sixty percent at a little over a foot say people must be outraged and a backlash is inevitable only nine percent of you believe that it shows that the government is doing its best to protect its population and at the same number questioning why the online lives being you looked into at all what do you think have your say at dot com. today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the
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streets of canada. during corporation throughout the day. while barack obama is facing scrutiny at home over a large scale spying on americans he's still expected to demand explanations from his chinese counterpart suspected hacking of your secrets for any issues like cyber walls and the u.s. military buildup in china's backyard are said to dominate the second day of their historic summit in california are. reports. president obama and chinese president xi are marking on a historic meeting in the sunnylands retreat here in the desert of southern california one of the main topics during this meeting will be cyber security now the u.s. government has been highly critical of china accusing it of hacking into u.s.
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military weapon systems and getting information from private companies here in the united states now china has denied that it is responsible for state sponsored hacking and in fact internet insiders within china have said that they have also been victims of cyber attacks which have come from the united states now the united states has been very secretive about its cyber weaponry however it has been noted that the u.s. was behind the stuxnet spy wrists which caused major damage to iran's nuclear facilities it is also known that u.s. cyber command is trying to recruit thousands of hackers in order to create cyber warfare or to protect the united states from hackers themselves and even president obama has proposed in his next defense budget nearly five billion dollars for cyber security one of the hot topics during his historic meeting which will also touch on
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trade and on the conflict on the korean peninsula chinese president xi is also likely to raise concerns over the u.s. military buildup in the pacific something that has caused great concern in beijing . there's also another is used during concern in washington and china is about to complete a deal which could become its biggest takeover of a u.s. company engine's expansion has drawn a lot of criticism from some quarters in america but some are actually welcoming the deal on your screen right now you can see and exclusive response to our team from todd hamal the secretary of agriculture in virginia and he believes that the agreement is going to be beneficial for the state as it will provide american producers with more access to the chinese market george founder of international strategic alliances says the criticism towards china is in many cases simply
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unjustified there is always going to be a segment of the american politicians and pundits that are always looking for something to criticize when it is involving china and sometimes the criticism comes from left field with no basis whatsoever certainly in this case the state of the q e two. to blacken this deal by pointing out that chinese cork is not safe for their dead pig slowly known a river in shanghai and so on and so forth the intention is not to supply the americans with chinese pork but really is to supply american pork in china to sell the growing market there for for high meat products so again it's a win for for the american industry and it's a boost for the american economy later today max keiser and stacy her bed and the
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closer ad to hit profits from mice of the trade wars. turkey's prime minister has accused the hypocrisy and double standards say the demands for an investigation into the use of excessive force to dispense protests in turkey instead one says police in europe and the u.s. are using the same methods to deal with vine and demonstrators saying antigovernment running into a second week with gathering in the capital overnight this time there was no police interfering in stark contrast to previous nights when authorities used tear gas and water cannon protesters the clashes have left at these three days and thousands injured foreign policy expert says the edge on the defiance and refusal to address
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criticism is undermining the country's image internationally. so far i don't think he's doing a very good job and this is a huge blow to him personally to his image and also to the turkish model which he has been touting around the middle east as something that arab countries should emulate he wants to change the constitution to create a sort of imperial presidency and then run for two terms as president this kind of behavior is alienating people who are religious as well as those who are secular so i think he's taking a big big risk by deepening divide among turks and he really should i think quit while he's ahead because obviously the longer he's there the more people even people who are predisposed to like him at the beginning begin to tire of his manner of governing he's somebody who lectures who sermonize is he doesn't listen very well in my experience and i think this is really not a good model for
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a country that purports to be a modern islamic democracy but as i said i think this is left a lasting damage to him personally and to turkey which of course has been you know very successful economically it's attracted many many tourists from around the world people may think twice now about going to stop. if they are stair gas going up and down to call avenue and in taksim square. or should press a journalist and a former professor at that they'll continue her c.n.n. car us says it was actually only fear only driving further divisions into an already polarized society turkey is a country that's very well divided between secular groups and an islamic group and it's almost a fifty fifty split however the ruling party the party one has done very well in the last ten years however he is has become more authoritarian and particularly
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more divisive basically being dismissive of these demonstrations which actually represent a pretty good cross-section of the turkish population and so this is unfortunate and it's an attitude that you don't get from president ghoul or the deputy prime minister or any any members of his cabinet this is something that comes strictly from air to one and that's what is motivating the crowds there very upset about how dismissive he is and how he views any protest as illegitimate. coming up israeli arabs a field day being walled off from the country's economy the makers un report shows that majority of them are live below the poverty line while israeli authorities claim the arabs just don't want to be helped. and india is certain
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launch a nuclear reactor shrugging off massive protests over safety concerns the russian manufacturers of the plant claim it can withstand a passenger jet crash. now many in the u.k. could soon be about to lose some of their favorite magazines shops are selling so-called lads' mags that face legal action for sex discrimination and to be forced to take them off the shelves as a result archies probably boyko has more. you're allowed mags it's a booming industry aimed at young men featuring lots of pictures of scantily clad women here in britain you can buy them in your local high street shop girl that could be about to change because two feminist groups armed with the support of several prominent british lawyers say that these magazines objectify women and could underpin harmful constitutes that could lead to discrimination reasons why it's against women so that morning on high street retailers to stop selling the publications if they don't they say they risk being sued bubble last month by
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customers and shop workers the light but can you really be harassed by an anonymous old jacked sure they rank hotness of naked ladies and features chauvinist jokes but would removing them lead the line of censorship we hit the streets of london to find out what the public thinks shoes i'm older and getting paid for what she's doing and which i did and more and more guys are in those pictures and well it's not just girls posting the old toys and says things just a culture that we're in though i don't i don't like seeing them if i walk into my is having for i walk into my local news agency and i've seen like just boots everywhere and i have asked them to turn them over and ask me to put them higher i don't want to see and it should be a choice i don't think is harmful is what i mean it's for certain kind of person to reach that so it's really fun to perhaps whether it's political or images or whatever within reason obviously there's the legal issues. is a dangerous is a dangerous route to go down and it says that under the readers of the last minute
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they're up in arms their argument against removing them is simple since the magazines became popular in the mid one thousand nine hundred incidents of domestic violence in the u.k. have actually gone down and if lads' mags a deemed to be harassment then how long before fashion magazines and imus rising images are deemed to be harassment as well and what's to stop men from being offended by pictures of naked males also on the covers of other magazines playboy carry on the london. well there are more stories on our website of r t v dot com including of the rage of thousands in france furious protests for the back of a teenage left away activist was a random act all a case of liberal politics of breeding far right extremism read the details on our website. although you know there is some part of the world may have to brace themselves up for a month long blackout as the sun could soon reach
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a peak of activity trying electrical lines all over the planet on the bright side spectacular also for costs. today violent games played out. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. during operations throughout the day. violence between palestinians and israelis has become a common occurrence in the occupied lands of the west bank meanwhile inside israel authorities say citizens of any nationality are treated equally arabs back to different saying not enough is being done to economically integrate them and record poverty numbers record poverty numbers rather seem to support their claim artie's
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policy error reports is really leaders make jerusalem is the undivided capital of israel but try telling that to the city's two hundred eighty thousand arabs and as a man and woman the old rules the law and the jews have everything gardens children go to camps in the summer but we did not have these ngs. this school sports ground is typical of facilities for jewish children but a stone's throw away arab children. spend their afternoons playing here in the street in front of his house in the first a study of its kind the u.n. found that palestinian poverty in jerusalem has risen steadily over the last decade eighty two percent of arab children live in squalor three times as many arab families live below the poverty line compared to the jewish neighbors part of the problem is this wallet that israel started building a decade ago israeli say it's necessary for security and to separate israel from
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palestine but what it's also done is isolate arab jerusalemites from their traditional economic sphere in the west bank and so whereas once you had daily visitors coming from palestinian cities to shop in jerusalem that's all but dried up add to that the discriminatory policies which see the cities arabs paying high municipal taxes for poor services and it's no wonder arab jerusalemites are suffering the worst poverty rate of all time the jerusalem municipality has an arab affairs department but critics say it pays less attention and money to the very citizens it's meant to serve something the municipality acknowledges but refuses to shoulder the blame yes. it is very difficult for us to give services to those communities behind the wall there is a security issue with sending city employees or contractors into those neighborhoods in the past our men were attacked while trying to provide the residents and services but many arab jerusalemites feel it's a smokescreen they say the municipality's real intention is to kick him out to make
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their lives so uncomfortable that they eventually leave his our lives here in the shell jalen neighborhood on the border between east and west jerusalem jewish groups say his family's house like many others was once owned by jews and they want them back but. they are doing everything they can to get us out of the city. very goal is to make a just jewish city with no palestinians in it there is really soon to be that arabs of jerusalem or citizens who are equal when in fact we're not equal to all. and so far from promoting the fact that he's paid ground is just one street news our fears he could one day be lifting his home city without any way to call home policy on t.v. east jerusalem. so more news from around the world in brief now a deadly shooting in the californian city of santa monica has ended with at least five people killed including the gunman several others were also injured in the
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incident reports was a murder after a fire officials recovered two bodies from a burning house before discovering a wounded woman at the scene of the suspect apparently made his way to the city college of firing at passers by he was then cornered into the library by officers and shot the. police have opened a criminal investigation after forty eight people were killed in a bus fire in southwestern china early reports say there were traces of petrol found on the diesel one vehicle if proven this would not be the thing for us are some attack on a bus in china two thousand and ninety six people were killed by an unemployed man listed in the incident. a us drone strike has killed at least as seven people in pakistan are days after the country's new prime minister vowed to stop such attacks intelligence officials claim the victims were militants but there
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has been no disclosure of the identities drawing strives of which according to reports have killed more than five hundred civilians including women and children began in two thousand and. near a nuclear power plant is said to go online in india and it would seem a welcome relief for countries suffering from a critical power shortage but the structure was a repeatedly delayed by protests balancing the public safety concerns and the needs of a growing economy has not been easy as artie's murray of the national reports the few has been loaded and the first customers will soon get the first energy from the could on nuclear plant a joint indian and russian venture and it seems the launch of the station thought to be the biggest in both india and the world couldn't have come at a better time defeats it a little in that there is a huge energy deficit in this particular part of the country in the tamil nadu
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province and across all of india industries are suffering they're already queen for energy they need of course the station will help with things there. the government estimates that the country's power supply is about ten percent behind what it actually needs last summer half of india's population more than six hundred million people lost their electricity for two days major indian cities are still often plunged into darkness actually we're used to all those. little things here just gone before many of your. shores at all you just reply to look to see if you become . popular. right now india gets fifty five percent of its energy from coal but the fossil fuels future is bleak state owned coal india the largest producer here is under pressure to sell below market price and can expect production. i think nuclear energy will have to be only an dismissible part of
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a new strategy for ensuring india's energy security in the future could uncle on nuclear power plant in southern india neighbors windmills and that is quite symbolic one of the world's fastest growing economies is struggling to meet its increased energy demands and he's trying to diversify its coal dependent energy sector experts estimate that india needs around four hundred billion dollar investment into the industry to reach is developing. the station has been under construction for a decade but could have been launched earlier thousands of protesters outside couldn't columb mainly fisherman here in environmental damage have delayed the launch for more than a year although people are going to go on operational fishing. started the project because i don't want a man who cannot afford. those protests grew louder after japan's fukushima disaster in two thousand and eleven but couldn't clams designers insist it's one point five meters thick protective concrete dome could withstand the impact of
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a large passenger jet. is the only nuclear station in the world that not only has active security features but also the most up to date safety systems which activate even of the electricity supplies cut or there is no one to control them repeat of the fukushima disaster is impossible here. in the two thousand megawatt couldn't columb plant is just phase one delhi and moscow have already signed off on another station to be built next to it to help feed india's insatiable appetite for energy and to keep its economy fully charged murray for national t.v. from couldn't in india. coming up hey it's time to crunch the numbers in our financial show your prime interest after the break.
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arguably are america's influence is much larger than that of iran so own with power comes responsibility greater responsibility when you agree with that in every negotiation on a round table the parties are equal they may be different in the degree of that but on this issue each side is negotiating with the other i'm trying to reach an agreement. i will be here very. very. very few.
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